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Committee Members 2018-19
Nominating Carlene Makawski

Carol Fangman

Terry Peppers

Newsletter Barb Miller
Historian Dedra Litherland
Membership Linda Wise
Program Hazel Meade

Kelly Lacina

Carol Perry

David Hurd

Karen Leake

Ways and Means Carlene Makawski

Debra Shimer

Theresa Culver

Courtesy Donna Giddens
Yearbook Terry Peppers
Charity Janie Kemp

Bobbi Foster

Terry Peppers

Publicity Sheila Murray
Web Site Nancy Root


Carla Proctor

Bev Lowry

Budget Carla Proctor

Lynet Purnell

Janet Loveless

Special Trips Mary Gaston

Karen Leake


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