Hostesses and Greeters for 2021-22

2021 Greeters Hostesses
October 4th    Lanette Boquin
Janet Loveless
November 1st
Debbie Shimer
Theresa Culver
December 6th     Penny Kuhnert
Gina Christenson
2022 Greeters Hostesses
January 3rd
Sharon Gray
Murla Leahy
February 7th Carol Sparks
Kathy Wade

Greeters – Arrive before 6:30 pm and set up tables.

  • Welcome members and guests to each meeting.
  • Greeters ask each person to sign the attendance list and guests to sign the Guest Book.
  • Before the business meeting one of the greeters should advise the President of the names of guests so they can be welcomed.
  • The greeter needs to inform the Secretary of the number present at the meeting.
  • Names and addresses of guests should be given to the editor of the newsletter so complimentary copies may be sent.
  • The Membership Chair receives the dues, names, and addresses of new members and turns them over to the Secretary.
  • The greeter also collects a quarter for those not wearing a name tag and gives that money to the Treasurer.
  • Provide door prizes for that meeting. (can be made or bought)

Hostesses – arrive at 6:30 pm, provides a small snack and drinks for approximately 50 – 60+ people.